World Heritage Listed Wet Tropics Rainforest

We believe the Wet Tropics of Tropical North Queensland is an amazing place to experience and a really “must do” up here.

Native habitat of many species of plants and animals of universal value, these ancient Gondwana Rainforests represent exceptional examples of major stages of the Earth’s evolutionary history and exceptional biological diversity.

Our mission is to showcase some of the highlights of this incredible natural wonder through diverse itineraries in some of the many National Parks up here. Here are just a few ideas to get you started…

The Daintree Dreaming Tour


The Daintree National Park, believed to be more than 160 million years old, is rich in flora and fauna, containing many emblematic species including the Southern Cassowary and the Beneath Tree Kangaroo.

Our mission on our journey today is to showcase some of the highlights of this incredible natural wonder and try to spot some of its unique fauna.


  • Scenic coastal drive along the edge of the Coral Sea
  • Dense rainforest walk at Mossman Gorge along secluded gorges
  • Freshwater water hole swimming (depending on weather conditions)
  • Visit to a natural wildlife park to get up close to some native fauna
  • Lunch in a garden setting and tropical fruit tasting and masterclass
  • Daintree River Cruise to spot some quite unique “locals”


We acknowledge the Kuku Yalanji people, traditional custodians of the Daintree National Park and beyond
The Saltwater Crocodile
Cape Tribulation
A glimpse of Cape Tribulation


Part of the Daintree National Park, the Cape Tribulation section is definitively one of the most popular places around here. Why? Well, there is an extraordinary array of primitive plants and unique wildlife – and the marketing has done a great job of promoting that – but our journey through this impressive place, is much more than a ten minute beach walk with a short stop here and there along the way… we offer a unique insights into the soul and history of this place that is as far away as possible from the crowds of the Cape.


  • Scenic coastal drive between the Coral Sea and the Australian Great Dividing range
  • Walk surrounded by strange primitive plants of an ancient Gondwana Rainforests
  • Daintree River cruise on a mission to spot some locals like “Scarface”
  • Waluwurrigga lookout
  • Beach and mangrove walk
  • Bio-Dynamic Organic tropical fruit ice cream
  • Lunch in a Tropical setting and fruit tasting
  • Daintree River Ferry



Kuranda, Naturally


Home of the Djabugay Aboriginal People, Kuranda Naturally focuses on the natural side of this very popular little township. No crowds, or souvenirs made in China trail here.


Settled at over 300m above sea level, the different seasons, the changing weather and time of day, rule the behaviour of the local rainforest plants and wildlife. Our look at this complex ecosystem of huge trees, vines, lianas and ferns will be experienced in different ways: gliding over the Barron Gorge rainforest’s canopy on a 7.5km Gondola Cableway journey, walking an easy private rainforest trail and crossing the Barron River to have coffee, or tea, surrounded by this amazing scenery.


Sometimes we are lucky enough to see a Cassowary or a majestic White Breasted Sea Eagle. The calm waters of the beautiful upland Barron River provide great photographic opportunities and we offer an insight into some of the local history and the surrounding ancient tropical rainforest and its particular wildlife.


  • Scenic drive up the Kuranda Range
  • Rainforest walk on a private track
  • Barron River Boat Crossing
  • Morning Tea & Coffee in a rainforest setting
  • Barron Falls best lookout
  • Kuranda Village markets for lunch (own expense or not)
  • Skyrail one way down (or Train)



The Barron Falls in the Barron Gorge National Park
We acknowledge the Djabugay people, traditional custodians of the Kuranda area and beyond

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