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Cadaghi Private Tours – a personal touch

Virginia Barres

Cadaghi was born of a passion for this amazing country and the wish to share its genuine delights in a non-structured, intimate and friendly fashion.


The last thing we want is to be a big company, we treat our guests as we would family and old friends and we believe we deliver a genuine and all round interpretation where customers are treated with respect and appreciation and where you will enjoy a relaxing private journey tailored to your own interests an expectations.


Every tour is unique, flexible and based on years of experience and care for the quality of your travel adventure. See the sights YOU want, visit the locations YOU have heard about, learn about what interests YOU the most through the fresh eyes of unique guides with unique costumer service and who really love people.


Cadaghi is led by Virgínia, originally from one of the tourism capitals of the world, Barcelona.

Why choose Cadaghi?


Everyone has different expectations and will experience Australia in a different way and our aim is that, for our guests, traveling with us will create special memories. We want to show you the real Australia and this is the driving force behind all of our itineraries, planning, execution and our referrals for those traveling to other areas in Australia.


I bring enthusiasm, professional practise and a solid understanding of the standards of service demanded by the best in the industry. Customer service is my passion and I look after clients professionally, with an exceptional eye for detail, the finest approach and an appropriate sense of humour.

Irrespective of whether the group is small or large, I believe a sound understanding of the importance of interaction with guests is vital for a satisfactory tour experience.  I strive to focus on service delivery that exceeds the expectations our customers deserve.


Multi lingual skills provide me with a thorough understanding of cultural differences, enabling me to handle tours with a variety of clients and their diverse needs.


Got questions? Of course you have, with Cadaghi you will talk to a REAL person. We offer reliable, friendly service designed to get you the most out of your time with us.


It’s all in the detail!

Virginia Barres, Kuranda, Queensland
“OK, so what the hell are you doing here Virginia?”


This is the most common question I get from all customers… no matter where they are from when they discover I am originally from Barcelona.


Simple question, eh? It opens the door to interesting conversations with my travelling companions as they learn that they will be introduced to the area they have come to visit, by someone who has landed from overseas with a genuine appreciation, respect and endless curiosity about Australia,this country that now she calls home.


Customers are always interested in what it is like to live here, what it is so appealing that someone has relocated to the other side of the world leaving friends and family so far behind?


I have lived in Cairns for the past 10 years, working as a Professional Guide. My depth of travel and organizational experience is based on many years traveling the world as an event organizer, television producer and photography assistant. My insights come from having personally escorted many group tours throughout the region.


Come with me on a journey where customers are greeted as guests and farewell as friends – with an accent…eh!


See ya soon!

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